Community Update

Is this an appropriate farewell as we approach Cinco de Mayo?  The Kent State 50th Anniversary? Early May was also when my father passed away, so very long ago now. T.S. Eliot claimed that April was the cruelest month, but I could argue the point. And now, I must sadly announce the closing of my little spa, which sputtered open in the midst of the Great Recession and, alas, exits stage left in a sea of dramatic pandemical calamity (I just made this up). Because, you know, words escape me after eleven and a half years. Introduced a new concept to Greater Cleveland and offered good value to us frugal Midwesterners. Sometimes stumbled (oftentimes by my own doing) but leave the stage more or less at the top of our game, and in the process learned more than I ever did in prior eras of my life about myself and about other people.

When our prudent and wise Governor closed us down on March 19 I had an inkling it would be the end, but any business owner worth their salt will try to keep their options open. So I did, until the passing weeks revealed the various paths ahead of us, and then the lights began to dim on each one, one by one, until my wife and I decided to pull the plug. We don’t think for a minute that a revival, a grand re-opening, a celebratory re-birth (somebody please stop me) was out of the question–rather, it was simply not the path we have chosen to travel as we approach this new phase–God help us, post-virus–of our newly scrambled lives.

So, at last, I’m left with a simple thank you, a doff of the hat to the Greater Cleveland community, a profound debt of gratitude to my staff, the last incarnation of which proved to be remarkably loyal and resilient, and a life affirming sense of urgency that you and yours use our “enhanced” personal time to grow, to learn and love, and for gosh sakes to support your local small businesses when they finally, and triumphantly, emerge from the ashes.